Dowels On Demand

Dowels On Demand is a source of unique and exotic dowels suitable for knitting needles, turkey calls, furniture, martial arts bo and jo staffs, striker tips, game pieces or whatever type of dowel your hobby or craft may call for.

Wooden Dowels

Total Customization for your specific project.

We can make dowels from available species  according to your needs. Dowels are made to your diameter and length requirements. Dowels  are made from domestic and exotic species.  5/16″ dowels for turkey calls.

Dowels On Demand is a source of unique and exotic dowels made from wood such as ebony, teak, black locust, ipe, cocobolo, white oak, douglas fir, and more!

Small orders are welcome but note sometimes the shipping costs outweigh the cost of the dowel.  We can approximate costs to  send your order but note : Orders over 38″ are subject to an oversize charge of 18$ in addition to the standard rate. dowels under 23″ can be shipped small parcel.

If your craft, hobby or project requires a unique dowel product, we will be happy to manufacture it to your specs. We have a large selection of woods available. We will cut dowels to make your project a success.

We welcome all orders. Any size, big or small accepted. Diameters start a 1/4", 5/16", 3/8 1/2" and on up in 1/8" increments to 2 3/8". We will cut lengths to fit your project. Order lengths in smallest allowable increments. Example: If you require 3-12" dowels, order 3-12" dowels instead of 1-36" dowel.

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